Within a Sacred Healing Space


Movement Healingprivate sessions- Addressing Body, Mind, Heart & Soul with guided intuitive movement. We unwind tensions, deepen consciousness, and bring the breath of healing to the specific issues as they arise. This can assist in clearing, releasing, growth, expansion & transformation.

Massageprivate sessions. Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai Massage. Separately or in combination.

Crystal & Sound Healingprivate sessions

Chakra-Wise — private sessions — Counseling & balancing your being, based on ancient wisdom transmitted through the yoga system of Chakras. Applying the principles to your specific life passages and challenges. Recommended 7 week series.

Jewel in The Lotus – Private Yoga sessions — One on one guidance to develop a practice customized to support your personal goals and to suit your body’s abilities, your heart’s delight and your life aspirations. Recommended 10 week series.

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Aligning myself with this “new normal” has brought much fuel for creativity. I am finding that re-inventing how I express my gifts in the world is both exciting and intimidating.

Yoga, Massage, & Spirit