Online “Zoom” Workshops

Yoga & Massage in the Safety of Your Home

Massage for Partners or Bubble Mates! – To keep your Covid risk low, learn to massage each other rather than expose yourself to a flood of unknown contacts!! Plus, spending more time together can also be sweetened with some touch education and connection encouragement. Learn safe ways to address your partner/friend’s needs, to relieve stress, support healing injuries or chronic conditions. Learn how to use leverage and to focus your effort on the release points that give the best response, and how to massage so you do not compromise your own body while giving.

We will be learning the form of Traditional Thai Massage as well as some original moves which I developed combining Yoga & Thai Massage principles.

4 week series, 3 hr Classes. Begins Sat Feb 13, 3pm -6pm (repeats Mar 6-27)*

(Webinars Feb 8 & 10, then again Feb 27 & Mar 4)

Chakra Awakening & Love Power — 8 week Zoom Series Including Breathwork, Movement Meditation, Journaling, Wisdom Teachings(Jnana Yoga) and Asana (Yoga Poses)

**** Beginning Mon Mar. 1, from 3pm-5:30pm

(Webinars ??) 2.5 hr sessions

Yoga Foundations – Ongoing Weekly Zoom- Tuesdays at 11am -Aligning, setting and strengthening the basic forms and principles of yoga. Includes Breathwork  & Pre-poses, (exercises designed to prepare an individual for a safer & deeper experience of a yoga practice and for the seasoned yogini, detailing and deepening a conscious foundation). 

**** Beginning Tuesday March 2nd, 2021 at 11am, 1.5 hr class $25 each, one month pass $60.

New Moon Guided Meditations –  A look at the astrological influences each month and a time to drop into the stillness. Receive your own healing, wisdom, & guidance. I use toning, crystal bowl & chimes, and guided imagery to support your experience.

Beginning Thursday Feb. 11
th, 7-8pm PST.

Being A Hollow Flute- Yoga Teachers Forum – 4 week Zoom Series. Examining, reflecting, cultivating the many aspects of teaching. Finding The Sacred in every class. Channeling Grace, Profound Guidance with Touch, Interpersonal Dynamics, Your Soul’s Expression. Accessing your personal gifts and your unique transmission that is Divinely ordained! 


***** Sundays at 3pm-5pm, April 4-25, 2 hour sessions

(Webinars Mar ??)

Creating Vital Rituals – 8 week Zoom Series. Our connection with Spirit is vital to our existence, our flourishing and the fulfillment of purpose. This is an opportunity to discover how to lead the people, and our selves, into an authentic connection with Spirit.

  1. Anointing — Blessing, Protection, Empowerment
  2. Acknowledgement current state, including Divine Will, Mystery & Magic
  3. Alignment with Truth, including Divine Will, Mystery & Magic
  4. Identify Commonalities/Sharing
  5. Unifying through Song, Dance, Presence…
  6. Prayer/Intention Physical Expression/Symbiology (craft a symbol, light a candle)
  7. Take-away: Inspiration, Practice, Action
  8. Sequencing


***** Fridays 6:30-8pm, March, April- 1.5 hour sessions

(Webinars Feb 13 & 20)

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Aligning myself with this “new normal” has brought much fuel for creativity. I am finding that re-inventing how I express my gifts in the world is both exciting and intimidating.

Yoga, Massage, & Spirit